Speciality Treatments


Reflexology is a specific treatment of the feet addressing the microsystems that correspond to the rest of the body.

  • 60 minutes treatment – $90

Energy Work

A relaxing and nurturing energy therapy that assists in balancing one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Gentle touch or near touch works with the individual’s energy field to support the body’s natural ability to heal.  (Healing Touch, Reiki)

  • 60 minutes treatment – $80


Aromatherapy Treatment

Aromatherapy massage uses 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to assist in relaxing the mind and healing the body.  The intent of this treatment focuses more on using the healing properties of essential oils than physically working out kinks in the muscles.  Aromatherapy can be used to treat such things as stress, inflammation, insomnia, lack of energy and depression, as well as helping to balance the nervous system, digestive system, immune system and maintaining a healthy homeostasis of the body.

  • 60 minute treatment – $100

Detox Services

Ionic Foot Spa

Gently and effectively allows the body to cleanse itself of toxins.  A foot bath of warm salt water holds a control unit that delivers a small, yet safe current. Osmosis then pulls these toxic particles out of the cells through the over 2,000 pores in the feet.  The elimination of these wastes may help aid in the body’s natural ability to heal.

  • 30 minute treatment – $40

Far-Infrared Sauna

Far-Infrared heat has the ability to easily penetrate the tissues, with a level of detoxification that is 7-10 times greater than a conventional steam sauna. The heat provided can enhance pain relief, relaxation, circulation and blood flow.

  • 30 minute treatment – $40

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